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Implantation in IVF

Authors: Cristiano E. Busso, Marco Melo, Manuel Fernadez, Carlos Simon (International Surgery 2006; 91(Suppl.5) S63-76) The recent advances in assisted reproduction have made possible to study and interfere in almost every step of the human reproductive process except for implantation. However, the most complex and important step remains in great part unknown. Implantation in human […]

The significance of premature luteinization in an oocyte donation programme

Authors: Marco Melo, Marcos Meseguer, Nicolas Garrido, Ernesto Bosch, Antonio Pellicer, José Remohí (Human Reproduction 2006; 21(6): 1503-1507) BACKGROUND: Several evidences indicate that premature luteinization (PL) may affect IVF outcome. The primary end-point of the present study was to verify the effect of PL on the PR of our oocyte donation programme. METHODS: PL was […]