Cigarette smoking and IVF

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Authors: Sérgio R. Soares, Marco Melo
(Expert Review in Obstetrics and Gynecology- 2008; 3(4): 555-563)

The goal of this text is to present a thorough review of the literature on the relationship between cigarette smoking and IVF cycles outcome, as well as the possible mechanisms through which tobacco constituents affect these cycles. Whenever possible, this review is focused on studies published in the last five years. However, in many instances older literature was too relevant no to be taken into account.

Cigarette smoke affects spermatozoa structure and function. Sperm DNA is damaged by tobacco compounds. Spermatozoa from smokers have reduced fertilizing capacity and embryos display lower mplantation rates. Ovarian ageing is accelerated in smokers and oocyte number and maturation are negatively affected by cigarette smoke. Clinical parameters of IVF cycle outcome are worse in female smokers. This is also the consequence of impaired uterine receptiveness.

Keywords: cigarette smoking, IVF, oocyte, spermatozoa, uterine receptiveness.